I really like driving at night; especially down winding country roads surrounded only by fields and trees. I hate driving really, but night driving is an exception. There’s something about driving in near pitch-blackness that is just terribly invigorating. There’s nothing in your rear-view mirror. It’s a black void you peek into at regular intervals but gain no knowledge from. In front there’s only as much light as your headlights cast alongside the moon and stars. Lights that catch in the irises of nocturnal animals turning them to mythological beasts seen only as shifting shadows in the passing countryside. Then there are those moments of passing another car. I like best the moments before the car comes into sight and their headlights streak ahead of them—lighting up telephone wires and casting a halo over a hill like some descending angel you can’t quite see. Night driving is just so beautiful. There’s nothing behind you and the road ahead is full of potential.